Monday, August 10, 2009

The last days of summer project

The summer is coming to an end and I am doing my best to find projects to keep my kids occupied. This one imparticular, I did with my daughter and although it didn't take long, she had fun spreading on the Mod Podge....( I also must apologize for my absence in blogging world....I have been busy painting rooms in my house, plus I have been working at my daughter's preschool a couple of days a week...but no fear, I am back!) I started with 3 clear plates from a craft store, a little Amy Butler fabric (my favorite) and some Mod Podge and Liquid Laminate. I cut the fabric into a square a little larger than the size of the plate, placed it on the back of the plate and brushed 2 coates of Mod Podge over the fabric (letting 15-20 minutes pass before adding the 2nd coat). I then trimmed the edges of the fabric with scissors and put a coat of liquid laminate over the fabric to make it nice and shiny and smooth....and oila....I had 3 beautiful plates!
I put them on the antique baking cabinet that my grandmother gave me...

A close up! Have fun!

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