Monday, October 26, 2009

Class of 1999....

Well, after months of planning, our 10 year high school reunion went off with a bang.... My friend Melanie and I having fun.
(she was 1 of the 3 of us who also planned the reunion)
We were so relieved it was finally here!
A few of the girls I cheered with in high school....GO D.O.!!!
Everyone who made it for the reunion....thank you! It was a blast and so good to see everyone!!
We'll have to do it again in another 5 or 10...we'll see...


  1. Rachel.

    Looked like you had a fine time.

    I meant to send apologies last week after your post about your outift ... but it has been crazymad up here for Meg and I; the opportunity passed me by.

    So, I'll state them now. Sorry for not making it down. It just wasn't viable for a number of reasons. We will be back in Penrhino for Thanksgiving though so we'll see you Ryan and the kids then.

    Pete n Meg.

  2. No worries Pete...Megan was asked about and missed, but I think people understand. Look forward to seeing you guys around and hugs!