Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Making my entrance....

So, when I saw this blouse in the Anthropologie October 2009 Catalog....I knew I had to have it...I tried and tried to think of a special occasion that I could wear it to, because no, this is not a shirt you wear on just any day...not for me at least....not with 2 little kids who drool and snot all over me, let alone wrinkle me....so finally, I realized my 10 year high school reunion would be just the perfect occasion to wear this beauty of a blouse to....and this Saturday it is here! So with this blouse, a pair of my favorite jeans, a cute pair of heels (that I just got in Vegas) and a beautiful new cuff bracelet from Jamie at Simply Me Art that I chose as my prize from winning the Simply Me day from Lola B's boutique, I will enter into my 10 year high school reunion.... And if you're lucky...I might just share a photo of me from high school before the big night....
(And Lindsey....I am so excited to see you.....you better have sharpened up on those cheerleading moves...we might have to bring back the Perfect Cheer!)


  1. Hi! I am not sure how I found your blog...You know, one leads to another and then another. Part of the fun! Anyhow, your blog is beautiful. I have logged on several times over the last few days just to hear your music!

    Glad you were able to get away. I have two young kids too, so I know how precious time away with a husband is! Our only recent get-away was going to the movie "Couple's Retreat" on a date last night. Totally recommend it! Funny and a good message.

    The top you have chosen for your reunion is adorable; LOVE Anthropologie!

    I'll visit again...

    P.S. Having trouble posting from my blog, so I'll leave the address here so you know I'm not just some "spammer-by."


  2. Thank you for the comment! We actually saw Couples Retreat while we were in Las Vegas (since we never get to go to the movies)...it was hilarious and I really enjoyed it! I will check out your blog...Thank you again for stopping by!!! I'm especially glad you enjoy the music!