Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Look what I snagged today...only $4.00
I was just at Urban Outfitters earlier in the day and was looking at some similar for close to $50.00
When I saw this one at the thrift store I was so excited, especially after I saw the price. What made the purchase even sweeter was the little old woman that checked me out and how she said what a nice purse it was...she was adorable! Sitting on my new purchase is the current book I'm reading that my hubby bought me at the airport a few months ago. I will only be 29 for 2 more months and he thought of me when he saw the book....what a sweetie! Have you found any stellar thrifted items lately?

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  1. love love the thrift store...ahhhh what a great find. my latest thrift store find was a dresser for my daughters room. i am so excited to get started on the refinishing!! embrace "30" its wonderful!!!!