Friday, June 19, 2009

Soccer camp!

My sweet little daughter had her first week of soccer camp. The camp is being taught by guys from England. So on Monday we arrived at camp and they said hello to Savanna and she looked at them like they were crazy. (I guess it's kind of scary the first time you hear someone from England speak). So I explained to her that they were going to be her soccer coaches this week and I told her their names and explained to her that they talk differently because they are from another country. She seemed to understand and wasn't so afraid of them. Now every night she talks about them and asks me to speak like they do...I do my best, but I know I am not giving the accent any justice. (Please uncle Pete, we need you to come visit). Anywhoo, she did great and loves soccer.... Practicing dribbling...
Head on the ball....


  1. How wonderful! That is hilarious about Savanna's coaches; next time we come Pete will definitely have to help Savanna get comfy. She looks pretty darn awesome in her soccer uniform!

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