Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lazy afternoons...

Right about now is when I need this (my hot cup of organic chai tea, with a splash of soy cream and a sprinkle of stevia)...kids are napping and if I don't have caffeine, I may be napping soon too...this is what keeps me going during these long afternoons, especially when its raining outside...What keeps you going in the afternoon?


  1. Did you take that shot? It's so pretty!!

    I love my Herbal Chai with stevia and cream too!! Doesn't have the caffeine but it makes me warm and fuzzy! I leave the caffeine to the Diet Pepsi I'm addicted too! :/ haha

  2. I did take this photo...thank you! Yeah, I try to stay away from soda, but there are just some days I cannot go without a bubbly, caffeinated diet pepsi...