Monday, March 22, 2010

And it's done...

Yes, as you can see after 9 days of hard work (mostly on my husbands part) the "project" is done!!! We got new antique looking wood floors and a brand new paint job. All the curtains have been cleaned and we are back to our normal life...wahoo!!! The paint is called Impressionist by Ralph husband says it looks like one big Easter egg, but I think it is bright and very just puts you in a good mood! I am so glad it is done. We have been waiting for these floors for almost 2 years of living with disgusting, stained carpet. I am loving them and my son celebrated last night by dumping a gallon of milk on the floor too..I guess we all have our own ways of celebrating!


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  1. oh my goodness! submit this to real simple pleassse rachel!! this is amazing lady :)