Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about HOPE lately. Hope is defined as: to cherish a desire with anticipation. I have become consumed with hope lately as I am hoping for something so much right now. I am not only hoping, but praying about it every night....but then I start to wonder, am I hoping too much that I am not enjoying this moment that I am living in this very minute? My hopefulness has consumed me and it seems as though that is all I can think about lately. When does hope become too much and at what point do you give up hope? Do you ever or do you just keep hoping forever? Believe me, I am very optimistic and try to stay positive, but I really do wonder, is there such thing as too much hope???


  1. Hope....I hope you get what you hope for!!!!

  2. rachel... i've been burned by hope in the past... don't get me wrong, i'm a pretty optimistic person in general, but there was certainly a time or two in my life when i hoped so hard and so long, even when everything around me told me not to hope... and then i just hoped harder. it was almost like a drug... like i need more and more hope to keep the fantasy alive.

    now, i have no idea what you're hoping for, or how realistic it is, and i don't really know you... but i just hope you don't get your heart broken. good luck!