Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We did it...

We got rid of the cable box today on all of our TV's in the house. We now have an antenna (do you remember what that is?) So that means we only get local channels and with no TIVO (OMG!)
We do have a Roku box and are able to watch Netflix and listen to Pandora via our TV, but our kids are only allowed to watch 1 hour of TV a day. If they can watch no TV, that is even better.
Why you ask?
Well, we found ourselves having the TV on almost all day as background noise and we would let the kids watch it whenever they wanted as to not have a major meltdown. At nighttime after the kids were in bed my husband and I would just watch it to watch it. There would be nothing interesting on, but we would just be staring blankly into the screen. Our neighbors did it a few weeks ago and inspired us. We were talking with them the other night about how WE as parents need to be the role models for our children and show them other alternatives to TV such as reading, painting or just playing. We tend to do what is easiest and that is turn on the TV....so today we listened to the Eddie Veder channel on Pandora and the kiddos helped me clean the house,we read, we did some watercolor painting and they helped me make a smoothie. It was such a simple day, but it had so much more meaning than any other day and now sitting here tonight, I actually feel like I accomplished something. Maybe your reading this now shaking your head thinking I am a crazy person, but honestly, you should try it....you will feel so free....

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  1. Nicely done...with Football season around the corner I don't stand a chance...but we have stopped Monday - Friday TV...too much with school/homework/sports...can't wait to hear how it all goes!!!