Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Small Craft

I'm doing it...another online craft class taught by Rachel Denbow and Elsie Flannigan....they are truly two of my favorite bloggers out there....so inspirational! This time it is crafts for the little ones...Some you make for them and some involve their little hands too...I am so excited! You can still sign up here


  1. have fun--looks like lots of great projects. if you can share some of the things you make, i would love to see them.

  2. Absolutely! They already gave us a downloadable paper doll set...so cute! Your daughter is probably a little too old to be interested in that, but if you want it, I can try and send it to you....hope all is well!

  3. That would be wonderful. i love the rva site and i am so glad to have found them. what inspirational ladies.
    are you still working on a photog business? i would love to have you do our family pictures next time we are all down.
    take care

  4. Kelley, give me your e-mail and I will send you the downloadable paper dolls. They are so cute! Also, I am slowly building my business, it is more about building my confidence at this point. I have done a few paid sessions, but mostly a lot of friends and family. Let me know when you guys are going to be in town again, I would love to take photos of your beautiful family. You are also great at photography too, maybe you can take pictures of our family too.Talk to you soon!

  5. Hi Rachel,
    my email is kenzncreed@yahoo.com thank you! I cant wait to see them. We have a very sweet 3 year old friend who my daughter babysits on occasion and that would be so fun for them to do together.
    We will have photo sessions for sure next time we are down. Right now it looks like next summer.
    Photography has been such a wonderful creative outlet for me. I work full time in a non creative environment so I find myself searching for ways to express my creative spirit.
    Chat soon