Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Whipped cream on top....

Yes, you see it, sitting there among my wallet and a couple of diapers is my first caramel frappacino of the day...yes you heard it, my first of the day. I had another one in the late afternoon to give me that burst of energy I needed to go shopping to find a dress for my cousin's wedding.
You see, I love caramel frappacinos, but usually I have enough self restraint to not drink them but once a month. Well this week I have had one everyday and two today...its the end of the summer and I am frankly just burnt out of entertaining my kiddos all day long (they don't start preschool until after labor day) and its been hot and I have been working out my booty everyday and mother nature called this week and well, frankly, I deserve a little blended delight with whip cream and caramel sauce on top....and yes I licked the lid too and enjoyed every minute of it!!!

oh and on another note, just wondering if anyone reads this blog and if so, would any of you be interested in a giveaway in September???....hello are you out there??? please post a comment if you are interested???


  1. Um, yes, I do believe that we are afflicted with the same addiction to Caramel Frappucinos...I can never say no. Never. ;)

    And I'd love to have a chance to win something!

  2. yes, of course, a giveaway sounds like so much fun=)

  3. Yes absolutely we read!!! You are one of my inspirtaions in many ways doll, I love you!

    Give away? What are you up too????

  4. Yea, I'm so glad you ladies actually read my blog...I am so excited!!! I will have a giveaway soon, so check back often!!!

  5. I read too your blog, you are fabulous!!